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Distribution and Investment

We will support overseas Start-up medical device company to enter into Japanese market by investing,and setting up marketing strategy in Japan including obtaining government approval. (PMDA approval)


Investment for commercialization and marketing strategy in the medical field

Japan has one of the largest markets for medical devices in the world despite of or maybe because of the fact that its standard for marketing approval is one of the strictest in the world. It is quite an attractive market for foreign medical devices companies, although the entry barrier to the Japanese market is very high. Neuroceuticals offers services for overseas companies with marketing intelligence, market development and getting the PMDA approval.

Specifically, we will offer the following services:

1. Extensive support for obtaining government approval for medical devices
2. Market research and marketing strategizing for medical products
3. Search for distributors in Japan and support in negotiating for distributorship
4. Setting up and operating medical advisory board in Japan
5. Setting up and operating entities for medical study association
6. Investment to Start-up company


Setting up and operating entities for medical study association

It is a quite effective to establish a medical study association for your company’s products to be recognized in the market. Participating physicians would spread a word on the products. Neuroceuticals will be able to set up and operate such study associations for you with activities including holding conference, presenting thesis, doing demonstrations.


Search for distributors and support in negotiating for distributorship

Japanese distributors are very important partners for selling your products in Japan. There are numerous in Japan and each of them has its own strength and weakness in its own field of expertise. Neuroceuticals is capable of discerning the most appropriate distribution partner among them that has matched skills with your company’s products and will contact, negotiate and help in executing contracts with them. As you understand, the distributorship is one of the most important factors that would solidify your success in Japan. It should be handled carefully and effectively.

We become the Window of Japanese market for your company as the Agent. We're always standing by your side and consider about how and what do we proceed marketing in Japan with you, including getting the PMDA approval. We import your product and distribute through various network we have.

Setting up and operating medical advisory board

Another important factor for success in Japan is an advisory board of Japanese physicians. The medical products may have to be altered in its shape or its handling process before marketing according to Japanese physicians’ advice to get accepted in the market. Neuroceuticals will set up and operate a medical advisory board for your company with physicians who are key opinion leaders in the field of your products. Their opinions are very vital for marketing success since your company’s products should match the market’s need.

Investment to Start-up company

Development, manufacturing and commercialization are very significant for start-up company. We try to help your company with financing and manufacturing know how. We focus on the seeds technology in medical device field.